“What kind of info and pricing can you give me for a corporate event?” We have a full- service pub space that will allow your group to hang out privately, and there is also a pre-order menu that can be ordered from at least 24 hours in advance. Usually groups come and hang out, play the game, and then debrief all together afterwards. The private room is $500 during the week, and $400 evenings and weekends.

"Do you have more than one room?” At this time we only have 1 room. Groups larger than 14 are welcome to play the game back-to-back.

“Is the room good for birthday parties?” Yes, it’s great event space for parties! However, we recommend the room for those 14 years of age and older.

“Can we bring outside food and drink?” Unfortunately, that is not allowed, however, we have a pre-order menu available and a full-service bar.

“Can drinks be brought into the room?” Sure! Just be careful of just how many…those puzzles are more difficult than you think!

“I’m inviting a bunch of friends and we all want to pay separately. How do we do that?” Just select the time/day you’d like to play, tell your friends, and then you can all go online and book the same time slots so you’ll be together. You pay online as well!

“How much are tickets?” Adult tickets are $30 and children are $15.

“What is the minimum amount of people that can play the game?” Our minimum to run the room is 4 people. If your group is smaller than that, email and we will give you some dates/times of other games you can join in on!

“I’m trying to book online but I’m unable to book the date/time I’m looking at. Is something wrong with the system?” If you are unable to book, it means that the room is already full, or we are hosting another event on the property and have closed the room during that time.

“Can we book on the day of?” Though on the rare occasion we can accommodate your group, it is best for you to book at least 24 hours in advance. Our rooms fill up quickly and are usually full the day of.

“I called but have not heard back from anyone.” As we are a full-service venue with catering, we often have events happening off-site and are not at the phone, however we are quick to respond to emails, so that is the best way to reach us. If you’d prefer to communicate via phone, please email and someone will call you back via cell phone.