Corporate Team Building & Activities


Team building helps to improve productivity and motivation. What better way to do this than by getting out of the office and having some fun? At the escape room, teams must use their problem-solving skills and work together in a time-constricted environment to win the game.

With the escape room located on the upper level of The Inn at Vint Hill, the venue is ideal for private events, offering multiple private rooms, including a full-service pub and grand parlors, with pre-order menus available, which can be customized. We are also able to open outside of regular business hours, allowing you to book a date and time that will work best for your company.

Limited-time SUMMER package


An escape room offers the perfect scenarios for a team building activity: 

  • improves work relationships and morale

  • improves leadership skills among employees

  • allows different team members to build on their strengths and everyone to participate

  • everyone can relax at an off-site location, where the normal office distractions are gone 

The escape room as part of your corporate outing at the Inn at Vint Hill:

  • Scaleable rooms that offer exclusivity and privacy for parties of all sizes

  • Open space floor plans, outdoor patios and fire pit

  • Full-service, professional and delicious onsite catering

  • Beautiful estate with historic architecture, perfect for company retreats, appreciation events, celebrations and special events



Sample Team Builder Schedule

2:30pm: Arrive

2:30 – 2:45pm: Welcome and internal company discussion

2:45 – 3pm: Pre-game briefing

3 – 4pm: First group goes to the room

Other group eat/drink/socialize in private space

4 – 5pm: Second group does escape room

First group eat/drink/socialize in private space

5 – 5:30pm: Debrief & closing


For more information about team building events, corporate outings and other private events, please send us a note and we’ll get in touch with you!